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Antonello Cosseddu was born in 1960 in Nuoro (Sardinia)
He attended the F. Ciusa State Institute of Art, driven by a passion for everything that expresses color, shape and artistic sense. He made his debut with painting, soon establishing a direct comparison with the surrounding reality and with the themes of the 80s, the period of his training.
Subsequently, as if to fill his artistic sense which was unable to fully express itself in pictorial art, he took up the challenge with the plastic, concrete and living form that only sculpture was able to give him.
He begins by sculpting the stone, establishing a lively relationship with the material, attracted by the charm that the stone emanates, developing the figurative, which he soon transforms into essential research of forms. A quarry man, he knows the weights and textures of stone, marble and basalt, their vulnerability and the effort that each requires to be shaped by the artist, establishing a relationship almost like two old friends.
Sculpture allows and prompts the artist to experiment, research and start using different materials: treated iron, string, canvas, rags, plastic, fusions and wood, everything is good for stimulating creativity.


(Vincent Russi)



Curriculum Vitae


1974 Orosei - Extemporaneous exhibition
1978 Nuoro Board room "Painters - School of art"
1980 Nuoro - Collective exhibition "Friends of art"
2001 New York - Javits convention center exhibition building New York "ART EXPO New York "
1997 Nuoro - Municipal art gallery "From primitive to informal"
1998 Padua - Palazzo Polcastro "Meetings of art"
1998 Apricena - Culture Project Workshop "The stone and the light"
1998 Verona - International marble exhibition "Arcipelago di pietra"
1998 Verona - International exhibition "Abitare il tempo"
1998 Cagliari - Traveling exhibition "Wood: function and whim" Sassari Florence Stockholm
1999 Teti - Boardroom "Ancient forms of our time"
1999 Irgoli - Archaeological Museum "Synthesis of forms"
2000 Porto Cervo - Cervo Hotel and Conference Center, the II symposium of master craftsmen at work
2002 Nuoro - Tettamanzi room "TOADS"
2003 Torre delle stelle - International prize for contemporary art
2003 Teulada - XVI International Stone Sculpture Symposium "Meeting and Sport"
2004 Sennori - X International Sculpture Symposium "Gulf of Asinara"
2005 Rome Cafè Mokarabia Piazza Fiume, personal sculpture "Legàmi" (Piazza Fiume)
2006 "carving on trachyte" Bultei international symposium
2006 "Remembering Mariano" international sculpture symposium on the Island of Elba
2006 "Ssculpting in Ostuni" international sculpture symposium Ostuni (BR)
2009 "International Sculpture Symposium City of Nuoro"
2010 Cossoine (SS) "Arteggiandoci" collective exhibition of painting and sculpture
2014 "Points of view" collective art at Porto Cervo Resort Colonna Country Sporting
2015 "Geniuses on display" collective painting and sculpture on the Golfo Aranci seafront
2017 Group exhibition in "Private CA Gallery", from 13 to 23 April 2017. Fukuoka city, Japan
2017 Group exhibition in "Private Gallery Uku", from 24 to 29 October 2017. Fukuoka city, Japan
2018 "Mastros" 10/11 November at Ciusa house in Nuoro
2018 "States of mind of matter" personal sculpture exhibition from 18 December to 6 January 2019 at Exmè Nuoro
2022 "5R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Collect and Recover - From Antiquity to Art and Design" from 8 to 30 September University Library of Sassari

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